I would like to talk about the concept of horror, and how it correlates with what humans and other animals experience. Let’s discuss what deserves to be labeled as a subcategory of horror. To me, it is not always about ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters, jump-scares, slasher moments, among others. To me, true horror revolves around the unknown, and for what we perceive to be real. When it comes to writing, I will admit that even I don’t know for certain if what my characters experience is real.

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When it comes to the hints of horror, unreliable narration, foreshadowing, reverse character development (meaning that the people lose touch with themselves), lack of human description, subtle, repetitive themes, among others, are what constitute this different style of horror. I try my best to incorporate these in horror genre of my writing. Though my earlier works are all over the place, these vivid themes helped play a part in creating a semi-decent story of mine.

For “Source,” it will be the darkest story I have ever written, as stated before. I promise to not hold back on anything, as long as these moments of horror make sense to the plot. I’m working on making every chapter mean something, both to me and especially to you, as a reader. Also, I know it’s impossible for a story today to be completely unique, but the style can still be brand new.; dark and mysterious, but still able to grab your attention.

Be safe out there, and remember: not everything is what it seems.

–Dakota Matos, published author

Amazon Publishing: https://www.amazon.com/DakotaMatos/e/B07VZYRJ16/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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Instagram: Dakota Matos’ Author Page

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