Vivid Imagery

I’ll keep this post brief so I don’t bore you. (It’s also free to view, so……no reason to complain). I would like to talk about the concept of showing in a story. This is such an important part of literature, as I’m sure you all know. J. R. R. Tolkien, in my opinion, uses such imagery in the most detailed manner. (I’ve narrowed my authors, so there be many more. I’m biased).

I’ve tried my best to use vivid imagery in my books; however, it is not always simple. This is especially true when most of my wording consists of unreliable narration, since my stories are from the perspective of one or more characters; all of whom are in plots of psychological horror.

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I’ve used far more vivid imagery in my short stories than in my longer works, but that isn’t really of such importance, at least for the different styles of both horror and children’s literature. (I’m expanding genres after a few more books. Baby steps).

Be safe out there, and remember: not everything is what it seems.

–Dakota Matos, published author

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