Desire for Stories

Yesterday’s brief post discussed multiple questions revolving around stories, and why people desire to create them. Many reasons come into play, depending on the person’s desires, background, motivations, among others. I thought I would share mine.

My desire to create stories stems from multiple reasons, regardless of genre. My reasons include the following: a dive into my mind, obtaining more income, fame, readers’ respect, story adaptations, and to increase my creativity.

When it comes to the genre of horror, my characters–especially the stupid ones–do not represent me, how I act, or in what I believe (for the most part). There are individuals who have admitted to being nervous around me as a result of formation of my plots. They need not worry. If I don’t like them, they’ll just die in my next story. I’m a nice person.

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I have written a few children’s stories (though one of them has hidden meanings of a horror aspect), so I’m still becoming used to different styles of description, dialogue, and setting. To thrive is to expand your knowledge of everything imaginable.

Be safe out there, and remember: not everything is what it seems.

–Dakota Matos, published author

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