I finished the second chapter of Source. When it comes to writing, I like creating my own universe even if it takes place on Earth, in modern times. Also, even though most of what I write revolves around the minds of characters, I still try to make the plot lucid (though it doesn’t always work). My first novel His Reality made little sense, mainly because it was originally two novellas. What Happened to the Tucker Family which is my third story, made even less sense. I sounded completely insane in there, and I left an unfinished ending. I know strange endings are common in horror stories, but I could have made it make even slight sense. Oh, well; let’s look towards the future.

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I think I mentioned in the past that Source is a combination of five stories set in the same plot. When it comes to writing them, I’m creating each of them one at a time. This will allow me to keep accurate continuity, and just avoid complete forgetfulness. I know I’ve made that mistake before.

I’m sorry; I still have trouble thinking of interesting things to say on here. I’ll have more as the plot thickens.

Be safe out there, and remember: not everything is what it seems.

–Dakota Matos, published author

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