A Scary Moment/Another Writing Day

I’m going to write before I go to bed because I was busy earlier. I was searching for one of my cats in the house. It turns out that she was underneath the reclining chair, her head stuck in between bars of metal. The only way I found her in time was because I happened to check under there. It took about twenty minutes because she was completely silent. Her mouth couldn’t open from her head’s position. She was shaken, but she’s fine now. It’s a reminder to keep your leg rests up, so your pets can walk in and out with ease. It’s also a reminder to never take the small moments for granted, since you never know what can happen. Tomorrow is NEVER promised.

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I’m still slowly working on Source, my current project. It’s a slow build, but I need to remain patient and not rush anything. I’ve made that mistake in the past. When it comes to previous sentences, I need to remind myself to not look back in the first draft (except to remember something). I just need to write, then go back and fix everything wrong. It will keep me from being too frustrated with myself.

I’m sorry; thinking about something interesting to share with you is difficult for me, even in a digital setting. I’m grateful that my posts do receive views, though a small number since this blog is still new. I need to write more, though. Let me now wander back to my dark world.

Be safe out there, and remember: not everything is what it seems.

–Dakota Matos, published author

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